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Bare Bear Bones

Bare Bear Bones


At the instruction of their marriage counsellor, empty nesters Norm and Ruth book a trip to a place where they remember being in love, the Bear Bones Family Campground, in order to rekindle their spark. After arriving late in the night, the conservative couple wakes to discover that their once familiar spot has become the Bare Bones Alternative Lifestyle Campground, and that nobody else is wearing any clothes!

Besides figuring out which side of the clothesline they’re on, Norm and Ruth have to work on their communication, whether it’s blindly directing one another to the washroom or re-establishing their goals in life. With the help of guests and staff, the couple starts to open their eyes and find their way back to their happy place.

Males and Females - ages 16+

Saturday January 7th, 2023

10 am to 3 pm

In the VCT play house at

24 Meehan St. Capreol

(Millennium Centre)

(705) 698-2121

for an appointment


It’s Time to

“Come Play With Us”

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