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June 20, 2013 - Dave Kilgour

May 1947 - July 2017

The Valley Community Theatre celebrates the first anniversary of the opening of our new playhouse on June 22, 2013. To mark this happy occasion we will be recognizing the first recipient of our “Stars of the Arts" award program.
Our first recipient is well known for his steadfast support of local performing arts. Councilor Dave Kilgour has consistently helped both artists and organizations wanting to make a difference in their communities by providing access to unique live entertainment. Our troupe is just one example of a success story that Councilor Kilgour has played a part in. We are forever grateful for his encouragement, financial support and present at our events over the past year.

December 12, 2013 - Faye Moffat

“There is great joy in performing, but an even greater joy in enabling others to express themselves by participating in the performing arts.”

The above quote by Faye Moffatt clearly illustrates why she is an ideal recipient of VCT's 'Stars of the Arts' award. She is a teacher at heart, and a gifted musician. Her talent and enthusiasm in the performing arts combined with her great love of teaching have been the framework for her life, and she has shared her gifts generously. Faye moved to Capreol in 1979, teaching at Capreol High School for a few years before moving to Lasalle Secondary School. Teaching English and working with students in both music and drama, Faye was in her element. Writing plays for the students, working with the vocal music group and acting in staff skits are just a few fond memories from her teaching days. Having started formal piano lessons at 9 years of age (eventually completing her Grade 10 in piano) Faye now plays an impressive number of instruments including the accordion, guitar, mandolin and flute to name a few. She directs the Capreol Community Choir, leads and mentors a local band named “The Accidentals” and even accompanies the Trinity Cloggers with her accordion.

She regularly plays at Pioneer Manor's Alzheimer ward which she finds particularly gratifying as the patients seem able to reconnect with others through music. The Christmas season finds her playing Christmas Carols at the Cancer Centre as well as the Lighting of the Christmas Tree yearly in Capreol. She is happy to share her music whenever she is asked.  If music doesn't keep her busy enough, Faye has also been involved in producing several theatrical shows such as “The Bishop's Candlesticks” in 2002 and “Where Love Is” in 2012 with Michael Shepherd. Although she seldom acts, she played the role of blind hymn writer Fanny Crosby. To relate to the character, she rehearsed for her performance entirely without using her eyes! She also loves being behind the scenes helping with props, costumes, and of course, music.

Another quote of Faye's (although she admits it is borrowed) is “Television is furniture, film is art but theatre is life.” Well said indeed!!

December 3, 2015 -  Carmen Shepperd

Carmen says: “Chronologically, I am 68 physically but I feel 98 and realistically, I behave like 8 to balance things out. I inherited curiosity, a fertile imagination and a warped sense of humour.”
             I have been married for 47 years living in the Sudbury area and have been blessed with a wonderful family.  I graduated from French Teacher's College, in the mid-sixties, taught in the French language Separate and Public schools in Sudbury & area  and retired  in 2013.  Apart from teaching; my family, music and theatre have been my passion.
At age 3, my siblings and I staged our own creations. I have been involved in theatre, mostly amateur, ever since. I have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, adventure and the “F” factor...
F U N!!  I support the Arts by attending and promoting as many live performances as possible. My first official performance was as a dancer in “Le minuet” in 1954 and since then, I have performed hundreds of times as a singer, songwriter, actor and musician and over 100  francophone concerts  as “Eglantine”, a minstrel clown.   Many of my works have been performed by others at concerts and recitals.
In the last 14 years, I have played with three main Troupes: Valley Community Theatre, La Gang à Popa a French comedy troupe and Jeune de Coeur a French variety troupe.  I also performed with “Windmill Theatre” in Lively, one play with “Kanata 1534” in Rayside and filmed one television sitcom, “Météo +”.
     As a singer/songwriter/musician I have recorded nine C.D.’s I am proud to say that I have learned to play the cello at age 61 and I see the Stars of the Arts recognition as a reward for having fun, dreaming and pretending.
My mother was my inspiration and my biggest fan. She taught me to:  LIVE life to the fullest, LOVE unconditionally, LEARN all you can &..... LAUGH every day.”
           Thank you for this honour!

November 25, 2016 - Sandra & Ken Desjardins

     When VCT came up with the idea to recognize individuals who were outstanding in our community through their dedication and support to amateur theatre, we wanted to make sure we included not only talented actors, directors, and creative individuals who make a difference, but those who are often not in the spotlight, quietly supporting the performing arts through sponsorship, encouragement and patronage.
      In Ken and Sandra Desjardins we just happen to have covered all the above-mentioned qualities. Since the very beginning, 18 years ago, local business owners Ken and Sandra have done it all. They have sponsored us financially from the start. Sandra sat on the Board as our Secretary for many years and even acted in our productions (most recently as Helen Bedd in 2015's 'Tuna Christmas'). They attend every event we host. They are truly amazing.
      If that were not enough, Ken (owner/operator of Metro Val Est) and Sandra (owner/operator of Comfort Keepers in the Hanmer Mall) do so much more to support our community – youth soccer, hockey, the Lions Club – the list is long and impressive.
 Christmas is a great time to say “Thank you” to these two-incredible people!!! 

November 24, 2017 - Romaine Chappell


From kindergarten, as the pink fairy in Sleeping Beauty (no I didn't get to be the heroine or good fairy) and Grade 1, as the ugly sister in Cinderella (no I didn't get to be the heroine or fairy godmother) up to the present, acting has been a favourite pastime. The war interrupted further acting until teen years when the local youth group presented plays (still not the heroine but the grandmother, the maid!!)  An early stint at dancing classes didn't go too well......I was deemed "too heavy" for ballet! But later, I excelled at ballroom dancing....but not the ‘Dancing with the Stars’ type!
Too nervous to play piano in front of people, I never-the- less enjoyed attending the annual music festivals, both as audience and school choir member. Handel's Messiah was a Christmas tradition. My godmother was a member of the repertory theatre and we never missed her hilarious performances.
But I have so enjoyed the many and varied roles in which I have been fortunate to be cast. I even was cast in male roles! Tamerlane; a dramatic reading as Bill Sykes in Oliver Twist; and Javert, the policeman in the Bishop's Candlesticks, with Father Gerry Lalonde as the bishop, directed by Faye Moffat.
Directing a couple of children’s shows was really fun as well as rewarding.
Grateful thanks to the local professional actor Michael Sheppard for including me in his productions with Trinity Players. I especially enjoyed doing Love Letters with him and the opportunity with CBC Radio's dramatic reading of A Christmas Carol.
Joining VCT has been great, with a wonderful group of people who all support each other. Roles for 85-year-olds may be few and far between, but I appreciate when a director adapts a part. And our audiences are fantastic. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to all at VCT for this amazing award.


Did you know Romaine established:  Save the Children group in Toronto, Capreol Cub pack ( renewed), Capreol Hockey Mothers, Sudbury Halfway House,Capreol child care centre, Capreol Youth centre, garden tours.

Did you know Romaine volunteered in the following groups:  Scouts Canada....leader, St. Leonards Society.....director, Capreol Development Committee...board, Overcomers Sudbury....board, Valley East Youth Centre....board, Northern Ontario Railroad Museum.....board, Blueberry Festival, Valley Arthritis Support Group, Our Lady of Peace church......choir, pastoral committee, lectors and Valley Community Theatre.

Did you know that Romaine supports:  Organ Donors, Greenpeace, WWF, CWF,  Malawi missions.

2018 - Della Gauthier


I have volunteered with many organizations over the years, but none have matched VCT for the opportunities for personal growth, and the satisfaction of being a part of a team helping a dream come to life.  I am proud to say I was in the audience in 1998 the night VCT did their presentation to the Valley East council to request their blessing and support to operate in Hanmer and Val Caron high schools. Seeing Ron dressed as Caesar was a sight not to be missed!  I have been involved with the theatre since its beginning although initially in a very 'behind the scenes' way. I never thought at the time that I would one day be president, then vice president in charge of fundraising, and finally secretary. 

It has been a pleasure and a privilege to continue the work started by VCT founders Ron Babin and my husband Marcel Gauthier. Administrating the  Drama Trix children's program was an amazing experience and I am so happy I had a part in introducing theatre and other performing arts to our fabulous Drama Trix alumni.

Of course, my time with VCT would never be complete without actually having the opportunity to act! The cast and crew of  'Tuna Christmas' and 'Red, White and Tuna' were both brave and incredibly supportive when they believed in me enough to allow me to play  'Vera'. I feel Vera has become a part of me and I can't tell you what that experience has meant.

I think in the 20 years that I have been a member of VCT that my biggest accomplishment is being realized this night...with the completion of the project started by VCT, the Greater City of Sudbury and the Liberal Federal Government. That is the accessibility of Capreol’s  Millennium Centre. I am proud that I played a small part in opening the doors of our Resource Centre to all residents.

I am honored to be receiving this recognition tonight. Previous 'Stars' of this award have amazed me with their skill, dedication, and especially their generosity for the performing arts. Thank you to the board and membership of VCT for granting me the privilege of joining these past recipients! 

2019 - Heleene Cameron

Heleene Cameron.jpg

Helene Cameron was born with a flair for the stage. Her positive, infectious energy radiated through her during her school years, leading her to become class Valedictorian in her graduating year at Confederation. Not one to conform to the norm, Helene delivered her speech dressed in full costume as her self-made character named “Dora Dolt”; a performance still mentioned, decades later. Helene moved on to Guelph University and majored Fine Arts, where she earned the lead role in 3 theatrical productions. In 1986, Helene won the award for Best Lead Actress in Theatre Ontario, for her role in Shakespeare’s, ‘Twelfth Night’. The award earned her an audition to Stratford. She was also granted the role as Administrator for the Arts Council in both Sault St. Marie and Elliot Lake from 1985-89. Helene would then turn her focus to family; settling in Sudbury, Ontario with her husband and two children. In 2013, Helene embarked on her next theatrical adventure; The Valley Community Theatre. Her first role was the lead in, “The Kitchen Witches” as the larger-than-life diva, Dolly Bittle (for which she received much public praise). Helene would go on to perform in ‘A Christmas Cactus’, ‘Red, White and Tuna’, ‘A Very Tuna Christmas’, ‘Tuna Does Vegas’, ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ and ‘Harvest’. She also made her directing debut in the hit production, ‘Be My Baby’, and was responsible for painting a number of set backgrounds. Always looking to learn and improve, Helene attended a week-long, intensive theatre workshop in January of 2018 with Talent Inc Canada. She performed and competed with people from all over the world. By the end of the week, Helene drew the interest of several talent agents, won first place in her age category and received Best Actress Overall.
Helene’s relationship with VCT has been mutually beneficial. She has repeatedly graced the stage with her talent, expertise and knack for comedic timing. In turn, the VCT has welcomed her with open arms, reignited her passion for performing and allowed her to express herself creatively, in a way that would impress the likes of Carol Brunet. Tonight, we honour her dedication to the VCT and her passion for the arts. Tonight we honour, Helene Cameron.

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